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Love and Leverage

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  • 2020-06-14 19:03:09
Dylan Snow Shavelle Love's two friends and Sami Parker got somehow a hold of pornographic pictures of his stepmom Sarah Vandella sucking their neighbors ass. They may use this as a tool not just to humiliate her, but also to potentially get some advantages from the contract. They ran up to her home on Sarah, and started attempting to talk with her. Basically what they wanted was to be able to use her pool anytime they wanted, and have her screw her stepson and make him think it was them as he's constantly spying on them and trying to get laid. They also added that if she declined they would threaten Sarah's husband. Sarah was given no choice at this stage but to give in. Sami and Shavelle led Dylan into the bedroom where he was blindfolded and told him he was about to get raped. Sarah then leapt into the room and proceeded to fall on him. Just as she plunged deep into her dick the blindfold was jostled and Dylan realized what his stepmom was doing. He freaked the fuck out, but Sarah mounted his dick easily to shut him up, all the while Sami and Shavelle mocked them. But their unkind words didn't hit too hard, Dylan and Sarah conquered the hatred and ended up happily with a face overflowing with love. The fight may have been fought by Sami and Shavelle but certainly Dylan and Sarah will win the war.

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