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Mom Goes Nude - Aaliyah Love & Vanna Bardot

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  • 2020-11-12 13:43:36
If four families each donated one member to build a new family, what will happen? Ricky Spanish and Vanna Bardot are Swap Bro and Sis in this episode of Family Swap, while Aaliyah Love and Rusty Nails are Swap Spouses. When the family arrives at their new house, everything seems usual enough, but imagine everyone else's disappointment when Aaliyah enters the kitchen buck naked. She's a nudist, it turns out. She also mentioned this in her profile, but none of her members of the swap family read it. In the liberty of nudity, Aaliyah encourages the fam to join her while at the same time saying that there is nothing sexual about it. No one else is willing, so Aaliyah pours out some coffee and ducks for herself. Later, in the living room, Ricky checks in on Aaliyah doing nude yoga. He's hiding so he can pervade his hot mommy swap, but in the act, Vanna and Rusty catch him. A family meeting is called, where Aaliyah once again invites everyone to get naked. Ricky is now a game, but only if her swap daddy Rusty gets naked can Vanna do it. Ricky continues stripping, with Aaliyah egging him on. Eventually, Vanna even agrees to check it out. Which gives her the chance to find out that Rusty is tough. As Vanna sinks to her knees to take care of the hardon of her swap parent, Aaliyah bends over and by shoving it in, Ricky takes an advantage. Aaliyah appreciates it! Rusty peels off the last of his clothing because the entire family is now in on the sexy days, and then takes a seat on the sofa. Aaliyah drops back onto Rusty's hardon while the swap kids watch and proceeds to ride him in reverse cowgirl. As they indulge in some joint masturbation, Ricky and Vanna find it super sweet, and they finally plan to get in on the action themselves. Vanna kisses Aaliyah on her hands and knees as Ricky pounds her in doggy form. Then the girls switch partners so that Vanna can enjoy the daddy dick she admires while Aaliyah lies on her side and raises a high leg so that Ricky can stick it in. Ricky's hot swap mom can't help but creampie, and Rusty follows suit with his cum craving swap daughter. The family has to admit that nudism is enjoyable when they all bask in the afterglow.

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